Our advice on snow-white curtains.

Wash curtains only under appropriate conditions.

For our color to remain unchanged, we must remember to wash curtains in appropriate conditions. The optimum water temperature is 30 ℃. We always use the "hand wash" program. We use detergents intended only for curtains.

baking powder solution.

If you want to restore the natural whiteness of the curtains, soak them in a solution of baking powder and water. It always helps.

Lemon juice.

Add directly to the wash one small teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice dissolved in 100ml of water.

Soda solution.

Bleach curtains with soda can be in 2 ways. 1.soda has a water softening effect, so we can add it to the washing. 2. We can create a solution and soak the curtains in it (0.5kg of soda per 10L of water).

Egg shells or aspirin.

Another way to overcome bile is to soak the curtains in a solution of aspirin (dissolve 5 tablets in water) or throw egg shells in a woolen bag together with the curtains for washing.

Salt solution.

curtains after rinsing with the addition of salt are much better arranged without losing their natural color. Make a solution from 10l of water by pouring 4 large kitchen spoons of salt into it.